Nov 16, 2012

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy in Hospital after Hemiplegia / Stoke

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy in Hospital after Hemiplegia / Stoke
( Inpatient Rehabilitation Services )

Generally a person with disability followed by stroke or paralysis has been hospitalized for few days and once the vital parameters are normal, he /she will be send home for the recovery and a home care physiotherapy service is advised.

In the recent development of the evidence based practice we always look for the best service by admitting the patient in our located hospital for the long the term care, generally we noticed a good recovery in 4-6 weeks and we discharge the patient when they can walk independently or with support.

What are the benefits in admitting the patient in hospital?

1.Vigorous Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation exercise for 2- 3 times per day.

2. High benefit of speedy recovery as we use our care by tilting table for standing training, suspension therapy for improving the muscle power, advanced neuro approaches for the reduction in spasticity ( muscle tightness ).

3.Visual feedback standing and walking training on parallel bar / tread mill

4. EMG Triggered Electrical Stimulation for the paralyzed muscles.

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