Jul 14, 2014

Homecare Physiotherapy In Indira Nagar Bangalore

Spectrum Physio Centre Pioneer in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation managed by Dr.Dhanajeyan Jayavel practicing since 1999 in Indra Nagar.
Now Spectrum Physio Centre Offers physiotherapy service at home for all types of aches and pains, slip disc, arthritis, spondilitis, fracture, posture analysis etc.

We provide home care physiotherapy services at home


A through assessment and plan of treatment by our experts in the field of physiotherapy


We provide all types of treatment for pains, sports injury, post fracture stiffness , TKR, Acl surgery etc.
Our team will bring the clinic set up at your home
We can provide all the basic physiotherapy like
Ultrasound therapy - UST
Interferential therapy - IFT
Myofascial release
Trigger Point release
Neural Mobilisation

Our Fee:
The charges varies from
Rs:630 to Rs:900 per session /per visit

For details  on home care physiotherapy in Indira nagar
call 80 88 77 33 99  or mail to admin@spectrumphysio.info