Dec 11, 2012

Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

Spectrum Physiotherapy Center is a unique center provide a wide range of  physiotherapy and rehabilitation for sports persons. The center access the patient carefully and design the tailor made protocol according the level of injury and individuality of the sports person

The team of sports physiotherapist and Manual physiotherapist help you to train yourself without injury, We provide physiotherapy during training / competitive events, rehabilitation of injury in our setup and also put you back on your old track. 

Spectrum physio provide the range of sports specific treatments like Cryotherapy, Physio cool, Sports taping, Kinesiotaping, On-field injury management, Sport specific training and etc based on the best evidences, 

Spectrum Physio is specialist in cycling and running physiotherapy in bangalore. Spectrum physio also organising "Bike Fitting" in Bangalore.  

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